Black & White Swirl Mesh African Wire Bowl


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African handmade wire bowl:

  • 40cm x40cm x 8.5cm(high)
  • Colours include black and white
  • Product is made from a plastic coated wire(typically called telephone wire)
  • Counter or wall art

1 in stock


Black & White Swirl Mesh African Wire Bowl

Beautiful work of art, Handmade  African Wire bowl in black and white swirls and mesh effect.   Perfect display item on a table or counter or mounted on a wall as a beautiful piece of wall art. Add 2 or 3 to make a statement.

This lovely piece measures 40cm x 40cm and is approx. 8.5cm in height

To take care of this lovely item please dust or wipe with a damp cloth, DO NOT wash. You may store fruit or veg in this bowl, however it is not food safe.


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