Gold Beaded Namji Doll


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  • Beaded Namji Doll
  • Measures approx. 33cm x 14cm
  • Set on a wooden stand measuring 10cmx10cm

1 in stock


Gold Beaded Namji Doll

This beautiful gold beaded Namji doll adorned with Cowrie shells measures approximately 33cm in height.

Namji people are from North Cameroon. The Namji tribe are famous for their wooden dolls carved with geometric features and adorned with multi-colored bead necklaces, cowrie shells, coins, metal strips, fiber and leather.

The dolls are kept by young Namji girls to play with and ensure their future fertility. Carved from solid hardwood each doll would have a name, be fed and carried on the back wherever the child would go. This was the young girls’ first baby. This doll helped prepare the young Namji woman for her role as mother in her future life.

Nowadays these vibrant dolls are collectors items adorning tables, shelves and walls as beautiful art pieces.

It is set on a wooden stand measuring 10cmx10cm.

Caring for this item:  Please rather than wash the item dust it with a duster or dry cloth to ensure its longevity.


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