////Orange Dot African Shweshwe Table Placemats

Orange Dot African Shweshwe Table Placemats


Orange Dot Shweshwe Fabric Table Runner

  • These table mats measure 42/42cm long x 31/32xm wide with padding
  • Colours – orange and bright green
  • napkins – please visit our napkin section for matching napkins


Orange Dot African Shweshwe Table Placemats

Add a little bit of Africa to your  dining table with these Shweshwe fabric table mats.  Traditional African Shweshwe table placemats in vibrant bright orange with lime green dots

Shweshwe fabric is printed cotton dyed fabric widely used for traditional Soho clothing (South Africa & Lesotho). Originally dyed in indigo only  the fabric is now hand printed in a variety of colours and printing designs and can be recognized by its bold,  intricate geometric patterns.

Traditionally this fabric was used to make Soho dresses, however it has become so popular now it is used to adorn tables and couches.


Our products are skillfully printed by hand, and therefore can vary minimally from the photos. This is a part of what makes them unique and beautiful.

Each table mat measures approximately 42/43cm x 32/33cm trimmed and padded.

Washing instructions:

These products are pretty hardy but we still recommend that each and every one of our items should be washed in a cold water machine wash or hand wash and ironed on the back side of the fabric.

Additional information

Runner Size

160cm x 40cm, 200cm x 40cm


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